Welcome to Ecography!

With over 20 years' experience in publishing, advertising and marketing design, we are now creating designs for a greener future. We are working to help organisations and individuals with the goal of helping the planet and its occupants.

If you're looking for a logo, branding, design, image or infographic to help with your next project, or some artwork to enhance your home, please don't hesitate to connect with us.


Here's a selection of previous design work  for a variety of organisations, large and small


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PUP ART provides hand-drawn images based on your animal photos, so you can download a print-ready digital file and easily print your own posters, canvases or cards.

We can also supply packs of personalised greetings cards for your special occasions!

WILDWOOD is a range of up-cycled wooden pallet pieces including troughs, tables and electricity meter covers which are water-based woodstained and decorated with animal and nature-inspired graphics.

All our Wildwood items are hand-made to order and assembled using screws, not nails!





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We believe it’s important to be as eco-friendly as possible, so here are some of the ways we integrate
this thinking into our everyday life.



We love and respect nature and strive to minimise our impact on the planet. Reducing, reusing, upcycling and recycling are our focus. Our Wildwood collection of artworked items is made from upcycled wooden pallets that would otherwise end up in the tip.



Our home workplace is fully insulated and installed with a modern energy-saving boiler. Our electricity and gas are 100% renewable energy supplied through Octopus.



We are vegan for the animals, the planet and our health, eating mainly wholefoods and reducing our plastic packaging as much as possible by shopping at Cheltenham’s Foodloose and Plastic-free shop.

We grow our own organic fruit, vegetables and herbs on permaculture principles, composting and water using stored rainwater.



We walk and cycle to collect our local shopping, only using our camper van for occasional larger items, longer trips and UK adventure breaks with our adopted rescue senior staffies, Otto and Star.



Where possible, we communicate mainly through the internet by email or video platforms, keep travel and delivery of paper letters and packaging to a minimum, and always seek to use eco-friendly products.



We are involved in initiatives such as 'Swap, Share and Save' in our local area, and always look for innovative ways to promote waste reduction. We’ve been involved in community gardening with Vision 21 at a nearby park, with a designated area for growing and sharing produce locally.

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